Welcome to the Gospel Mysteries website. Here you can explore more than thirty unsolved mysteries about various people and events described in the bible. But be forewarned. Some of the topics are controversial, and you might not agree with everything you find here.

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Note: The author of the articles on this website is no longer actively involved with the site. But because the content of his original home page may still be of interest to some visitors, here is the original text:

I believe that Jesus was the greatest moral teacher who ever lived. Much of what he said was truly revolutionary: "Love your enemies" ... "Go the extra mile" ... "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". For two thousand years Christians have tried to follow his teachings.

Naturally we want to know more about him. But even expert biblical scholars don't know exactly what happened at certain points in his life. In fact, despite countless hours of study, certain mysteries have never been completely cleared up.

This website is designed for people who want to learn about some of these unsolved gospel mysteries. But visitors to the site should realize that many of the topics are controversial, and that people often disagree about the most basic matters. In my opinion, no one really knows the final answers. Because of the uncertainties, on most topics I've tried to give different sides of the various arguments.

Many of the discussions pertain directly to the life of Jesus. These include articles about his birth, his teachings, his death on the cross, and his resurrection. Other articles focus on various New Testament figures such as Judas Iscariot, Barabbas, Mary Magdalene, and the mysterious Beloved Disciple. Finally there are discussions of the location of Golgotha, the Nazarenes, stigmata, the atonement, speaking in tongues, lost gospels, demonic possession, and various other topics.

Because the articles are written for general readers, and are meant to be introductions, they can't cover every aspect of a subject. That would require much longer articles. For anyone who wants to pursue further studies of these and other mysteries about events described in the bible, ample material can be found on other websites and in numerous books and religious journals.

Note: I want to thank everyone who has sent me suggestions for improving various articles on the site. Some of the suggestions have been very helpful, and I hope to get more of them in the future.

I also occasionally get hate mail. Evidently some people don't want certain subjects to be discussed. One such person called me a "slime-begotten Satan-worshiper", and several people have told me that I will burn forever in the fires of hell. Apparently these individuals hate anyone who doesn't share their own particular beliefs.

Unfortunately, some of this mail upset my wife and caused her to worry about the safety of our family. As a result, I decided to remove my name and other personal information from the site. It's sad that we live in a world where that would be necessary.

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